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Using Tizen’s C API

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Hello everyone, I have dedicated some time to hack the Tizen’s source avaliable at and to be more specific I’m focusing my effort on contacts integration. So I found a way to communicate with the Tizen’s contacts database, there is a C API for that and you can find the code here:;a=summary . To be honest I didn’t like this API and here are the reasons:

  • Some search functions like contact_foreach_contact_from_db() does not return all contact information, like the phone number. And I can’t understand why.
  • It’s difficult to find the libs you want to use it in the repository. Because sometimes you just don’t have a clue what its name is.
  • It would be great if we had a docs page, because going around the source code too nice.

Saying that, I created a very, very simple contacts list based on EFL and of course using the Tizen’s C API for contacts.

So let’s begin !

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Installing your Apps in the Tizen’s dev phone

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Hello everyone,

Some work colleagues went to Tizen’s first conference in San Francisco last week. The conference was supported by a lot of companies, one of them being ProFusion. Also at the conference my colleagues got the development device. But I’m not here to review the phone, today I’m here to show you how to install your Apps in the first Tizen phone !

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Tizen SDK 1.0 – Porting the SMS App

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Last week Samsung released the newest version of the Tizen’s SDK and it’s called Larkspur. A lot of things have been added and you will see that the look and feel of the phone is different. If you’re interested in the release notes, you can check it here: .

I upgraded my SDK to the new one and I realized that my SMS App wasn’t working anymore and I discovered that they made some changes in the messaging API after a quick  investigation. I couldn’t find a place where they say what was changed in the API for the 1.0 version, so if you made an APP download the newest SDK and test it !

Now that we are aware of this little inconvenience I will explain that changes that must be made to the SMS app to work in this new version.

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