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Installing your Apps in the Tizen’s dev phone

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Hello everyone,

Some work colleagues went to Tizen’s first conference in San Francisco last week. The conference was supported by a lot of companies, one of them being ProFusion. Also at the conference my colleagues got the development device. But I’m not here to review the phone, today I’m here to show you how to install your Apps in the first Tizen phone !

Installing Apps is easy, although for now you’re going to have problems with a message “Invalid certificates”. So let’s start.

First turn your phone on and open the Tizen IDE. When the IDE is ready for use, connect the phone to the computer using the USB cable that you received with the phone.

You will notice in the connection explorer that your phone will appear there, just like in the image:

Now, let’s send the App to the phone and run it: Right click on the project -> Run As -> Tizen Web application.

This is where I ran into a issue, I was getting this error:

After some investigation I realized that the date and time of my phone was very wrong. So I adjusted the date in the system settings, then I stopped receiving this error and my App was installed successfully.

Below you can see some pictures of the phone running the Apps:


Although this dev phone comes with a SIM card slot it does not have driver for its modem, so you can’t make calls and send SMS. This means that while the SMS App works, you can’t really test it!


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