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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Message App – Templates.

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Hello everyone, today we will add a new feature in the message App. Now it will be possible to create template messages to send to your contacts.

Just as an example, imagine that you want to ask to Jim, Gary and Tom what are they doing. Usually you would create three different SMSs to send to them. But with this new feature you would create a template like this: “Hey, what are you doing tonight, <name> ?” and then  you add your friends and click send. The App will parse your message and send to each of your friends the following message:

Message to Jim – “Hey, what are you doing tonight, Jim?”

Message to Gary – “Hey, what are you doing tonight,  Gary?”

Message to Tom – “Hey, what are you doing tonight,  Tom?”

So let’s start!

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Installing your Apps in the Tizen’s dev phone

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Hello everyone,

Some work colleagues went to Tizen’s first conference in San Francisco last week. The conference was supported by a lot of companies, one of them being ProFusion. Also at the conference my colleagues got the development device. But I’m not here to review the phone, today I’m here to show you how to install your Apps in the first Tizen phone !

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Tizen SDK 1.0 – Porting the SMS App

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Last week Samsung released the newest version of the Tizen’s SDK and it’s called Larkspur. A lot of things have been added and you will see that the look and feel of the phone is different. If you’re interested in the release notes, you can check it here: .

I upgraded my SDK to the new one and I realized that my SMS App wasn’t working anymore and I discovered that they made some changes in the messaging API after a quick  investigation. I couldn’t find a place where they say what was changed in the API for the 1.0 version, so if you made an APP download the newest SDK and test it !

Now that we are aware of this little inconvenience I will explain that changes that must be made to the SMS app to work in this new version.

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